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Seconds later, 12, pounds of high explosives piled in the bed of the truck exploded.

Root Marines Beirut August by Eric Hammel, Signed

The four-story steel and concrete building shuddered, then collapsed. Soon after the 24th MAU returned to the United States in November , the Marine Corps granted Eric Hammel an unprecedented opportunity to interview survivors of the bombing and those who came to their rescue.

The Root is the result of these interviews. And it presents in detail the terrorist attack on the unit headquarters. The focus of The Root is on the nearly people interviewed by the author—enlisted men and officers—for whom the shock and horror at the bombing were still fresh.

A first step is to read how our effort in Beirut turned from a noble cause into having our troops pinned down in an escalating civil war we did not understand. The first target, on April 18, was the U. Half a year later, on October 23, the terrorists struck again, this time at barracks that housed members of an international peacekeeping force sent to help restore order in the war-torn nation.

The Root: The Marines in Beirut, August 1982-February 1984

Killed in this second attack were U. Marines, along with 58 French troops. Until September 11, , the October assault would remain the most devastating terrorist attack on American citizens, and it remains the bloodiest terrorist assault on Americans outside of the United States. The group Islamic Jihad, affiliated with Hezbollah and ultimately Iran , claimed responsibility for both attacks.

The Root: The Marines in Beirut, August 1982-February 1984

The April attack, along with the simultaneous assaults on U. In the first bombing, the vehicle was a van that had reportedly been stolen from the embassy in June of the preceding year.

Beirut barracks bombings - Wikipedia

At lunchtime on April 18, it slammed into the side of the seven-story building, and the driver detonated 2, pounds of explosives. The blast tore away the front portion of the building, leaving a site that looked much as the. Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City would after the attack there 12 years later.

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Among the dead were the entire U. Army trainers and a Marine embassy guard, and journalist Janet Lee Stevens. In the October 23 attacks, the terrorists struck two targets simultaneously, a maneuver that would be replicated by al Qaeda in the bombing of U.

ufn-web.com/wp-includes/24/localisation-toujours-active-iphone-6s.php The attack occurred on a Sunday morning at a. The driver then detonated his 12,pound bomb.

At almost the same moment, a pound bomb carried by a pickup truck exploded outside the nine-story French barracks. The attack occurred just as the United States launched its first significant military operation since the end of the Vietnam War 10 years earlier: the assault on Grenada, a Caribbean island that had fallen under the control of a Marxist regime.

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Perhaps because of divided attention, combined with the sensitive nature of relationships in Lebanon, at that time a veritable no-man's land of warring factions, the United States took no significant overt retaliatory action against Islamic Jihad. Frank, Benis M. Marines in Lebanon, —