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Hawthorne; Hanan J. Krivovichev; John C. Schumacher; Nicholas C. Whittaker Canadian Mineralogist.


Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, George E. Harlow, Walter V. Maresch, Robert F. Martin, John C.

Schumacher, Mark D. Welch Birch October Archived from the original PDF on European Journal of Mineralogy. Acta Crystallographica Section A. Foundations of Crystallography. A68 New minerals and nomenclature modifications approved in " PDF. Mineralogical Magazine. The Georgia Mineral Society. Categories : Mineralogy. Namespaces Article Talk. Air Qual.

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Alfonso, J. Draxler, R. Stein, A.

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Su, L. Sillitoe, R. Space-time distribution. Sanchez-Alfaro, P. Physical, chemical and mineralogical evolution of the Tolhuaca geothermal system, southern Andes, Chile: Insights into the interplay between hydrothermal alteration and brittle deformation. Wrage, J. Geochemistry of thermal waters in the southern volcanic zone, Chile — implications for structural controls on geothermal fluid composition.

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Matplotlib: A 2D graphics environment. Wang, Y.


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MeteoInfo: GIS software for meteorological data visualization and analysis. Download references. Conceived and designed the experiments: R.

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Performed the experiments: F. Analyzed the data: J.